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As criminal defense lawyers located in the Denver metropolitan area, the attorneys at Masterson Hall, P.C. have represented over 2,000 clients in the courtroom. They are assertive and aggressive trial lawyers with years of in-depth experience in criminal trials and courtroom plea negotiations.

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Aggressive Criminal Defense!

As experienced Colorado criminal defense lawyers, both Masterson and Hall are well versed in numerous areas of criminal law and courtroom procedure, their attorney credentials are a testament to their legal competence.  With Masterson Hall, P.C. you are more than just another case number or just another file. Attorney Jolie Masterson and attorney Jesse Hall take a “hands on” approach to your legal defense. Your goals are paramount to customizing the legal advice and legal strategy for your unique situation. Call today and let them fight for your legal rights and freedom.

Experienced in Strategic Criminal Defense Tactics

The attorneys at Masterson Hall, P.C. know how to litigate a criminal case.  The attorneys file numerous pretrial motions involving illegal police conduct, coerced confessions, pretextual traffic stops based on race or skin color, suppression of illegally obtained evidence, police intimidation resulting in forced statements violating Miranda rights, illegal search and seizures of homes, property, vehicles, and the area immediately upon a person (such as the stop and frisk or pat-down search often done by police, yet done in strict violation of a person’s rights, privileges, and protections as guaranteed by state and federal constitutions).  When this has happened to you or is involved in your case, you need an attorney who will fight for you and obtain redress from the courts.  This is a primary goal for the attorneys at this law firm.  The attorneys have years of successful experience in the courtrooms in Colorado.  They know how courtroom procedure works in different jurisdictions, and they can use the Colorado Rules of Criminal Procedure to your advantage.

With this in mind, the attorneys at Masterson Hall, P.C. know how to fight for you and your interests before you get to trial.  They do this in order to (1) ensure your rights are fully and completely protected, (2) get your case completely dismissed, (3) limit the quality and quantity of admissible evidence at trial, (4) posture the case for trial in an way that is effective and creates the greatest likelihood for obtaining a “not guilty” verdict, and (5) force prosecutors into offering favorable pretrial plea agreements and dispositions should your case not be dismissed outright or proceed to a jury trial, which can save you valuable time and money.

Additionally, this pretrial litigation strategy gives their clients a great advantage because, if agreements are not reached before trial, they are then prepared to handle the government’s witnesses and evidence because of the pretrial litigation that has taken place during the hearings leading up to trial.  In doing this, the attorneys unequivocally put their clients’ interests first and put their clients in the best position to receive what is every client’s number one goal:  a Not Guilty verdict.

As part of the complex legal defense strategies utilized by the attorneys at Masterson Hall, P.C., the attorneys have asserted and endorsed many trial defenses to crimes.  In fact, the attorneys have gotten cases dismissed and clients found “not guilty” because of these defenses and because of the effectiveness of the attorneys.  Some of these defenses included self-defense, defense of other people, defense of property, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, the right to protest governmental actions, choice of evils, and general denials (meaning the government and police are simply wrong, and the crimes you are charged with were not committed by you).

Allow our attorneys to represent you and assert all the strategic, legal defenses available to you and your case.

A Track-Record of Zealous Advocacy

The best defense is a strong offense. Unlike many attorneys, Jesse Hall and Jolie Masterson have taken on the State’s Attorneys General, District Attorneys, City Attorneys, and other local prosecutors.  The attorneys regularly attack and criticize local city police departments, State Patrol, the county sheriff’s offices, and other pseudo or quasi law enforcement agencies (including private security officers acting outside the scope of their duties and outside the bounds of Colorado Law).  The attorneys at Masterson Hall, P.C. have uncovered illegal police misconduct, criminal behavior by police, and other outrageous behavior by law enforcement officers.  These Denver criminal defense attorneys have discovered many police abuses through dedicated, hard work and investigation.  The attorneys have represented clients on the Front Range, and their defense teams’ concerted efforts have resulted in many cases being dismissed or in other excellent dispositions for their clients.

Additionally, the attorneys at Masterson Hall, P.C. have experience with confronting and criticizing scientific evidence and forensic evidence.  The attorneys know and understand real evidence, scientific evidence, and scientific certainties, and as a result can therefore identify fake (or false) “scientific evidence,” fake “scientific technique,” and fake “scientific scrutiny” – which is something government and prosecutors call scientific or forensic, but it is really no more than a made-up and fraudulent science grounded in nothing more than the biased opinions of state-paid employees and their subordinates).  As such, the attorneys’ experience includes in-depth familiarity and training in area like fingerprint evidence, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) evidence, dog-sniff evidence, narcotics analysis, forensic pathology, forensic interviewing, footprint comparison, toxicology, firearm forensic (e.g., rifling analysis, tool mark comparison, and soot and stippling examinations), blood spatter, and cause of injury and source of injury deductions (including alternative sources of injury defenses).

With each of these areas of science or pseudo-science, the government has labs and experts dedicated to convicting you of a particular crime.  In fact, often these scientists and lab technicians are only seeking to bolster the government’s case and will disregard (and even hide or cover up) real evidence that would assist you in your defense.

You need an attorney who has the experience and expertise necessary to confront and cross-examine the experts and pseudo experts in a way that will protect you and assist in your defense.  Further, you need an attorney whose experience and comprehensive training will allow the attorney to find defense experts who are necessary and able to defend you against the government and who is able provide jurors the evidence needed to find you “not guilty.”  These are the attorneys at Masterson Hall, P.C.

Analyzed Your Case with an Experienced Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a crime, you need legal representation. Don’t settle for lawyers who are inexperienced with the complexity of criminal law matters and criminal defenses available to you.  Our attorneys are available to meet with you, explain your legal rights, and prepare a strategy to fight your case.

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