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Experienced DUI and DWAI Attorney in Colorado

The defense attorneys at Masterson Hall are experienced and battle-tested Colorado DUI and DWAI attorneys who knows their way around the courtroom. When you get arrested for drunk driving, experience counts. When you are fighting for your freedom and your driving privileges, you need a smart, creative attorney who is not afraid to fight for you and your legal rights.

Contact an experienced DUI / DWAI attorney directly at 720-663-9553.
You can arrange for your NO-OBLIGATION attorney consultation today!

As a Colorado criminal defense attorney, Masterson and Hall employ a variety of defense strategies to help their clients seek dismissal of charges, acquittals, or lesser penalties. They have successfully defended clients by:

  • Proving that a police officer was lying
  • Demonstrating a problem with the breath, blood, or urine test equipment
  • Disproving the prosecutor’s arguments
  • Demonstrating lack of probable cause
  • Showing that evidence was illegally obtained by the police
  • Challenging police conduct and police brutality
  • Attacking the credibility of witnesses who testify against their clients (including expert witnesses)

If you have been arrested for DUI, DUI per se, DWAI, or any other drunk driving offense in Colorado, a defense attorney at Masterson Hall can start working on your case immediately.  Time is of the essence, so contact us today!

Your defense attorney should start by obtaining the evidence against you from Colorado law enforcement;  they attorney should analyze the strengths and/or weaknesses of your case;  and the attorney should explain your legal options to you, so you will be in the best position to determine how work with your attorney to fight your case.

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