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If you or someone you know is facing allegation of DUI, DWAI, DUI (drugs), or any other alcohol-related offense, there are some very important things to keep in mind, and attorneys at Masterson Hall, P.C. want to share these tips with you.

First and foremost, pleading “guilty” is not the proper way to take responsibility.  Hiring an attorney who knows how to protect your rights is.

Masterson Hall, P.C. is a law firm in Denver dedicated to DUI, DWAI, and other traffic offenses.  The law firm has lawyers with years of experience combating criminal charges like DUI and DWAI, and we represent people all over the Denver metro area.  Getting a proper legal defense of your rights and liberties is the only responsibly thing to do if you are facing criminal charges related to DUI or DWAI.  Don’t let the police and prosecutors fool you, no prosecutor or cop would try to represent themselves when facing criminal charges for DUI or DWAI.  They know the value in retaining experienced legal counsel.  They know that doing so the responsible thing to do.  Don’t let them trick you into representing yourself or into hiring someone who doesn’t have the experience you need and deserve.

Second, you should NEVER agree to accept any plea deal from the state without consulting an experienced attorney first.  Have an attorney with a proven track record for success can be the difference between having a conviction on your record or not, having to serve jail time or not, having to pay costly fines or not.  This is because you cannot believe the police or prosecutors.  They have one goal in mind:  getting the most serious conviction on your record with the most serious sentence for you to serve.  In order to achieve this, we have seen both police and prosecutors lie, mislead, and otherwise give false information, agreements, and promises to criminal defendants.  In the end, only one person suffers and is harmed by this:  that person is YOU.

Third, don’t make the job of the police and prosecutors easier for them.  What this means is this:  don’t make statements to them about the case, don’t try to discuss the evidence with them, and don’t try to prove your innocence.  Prosecutors and police have years of training in how to turn a person’s claims against them.  Saying something that you think is helpful will only be used against you later.  Even seemingly innocuous or simple statements about you will be used against you later.  We have seen it many times, and we are sure we will see it again.  Your best course of action is simple:  contact an aggressive criminal defense attorney with the experience needed in the area of criminal you are facing.

Finally, addition to experience, you should also find an attorney who you get along with and have good rapport with because you will be working very closely with the attorney to fight the case.  There are many great attorneys in the Denver metro area, but finding an attorney who is great and easy to work with is a lot more difficult.  Your attorney needs to work closely with you in order to fully understand your case.  Thus, finding an attorney you can work together with is extremely important.

So remember:  experience AND personality are both extremely vital in obtaining the proper attorney to represent you.  The attorneys at Masterson Hall, P.C. have a clear reputation for this being very easy to work with and being extremely experienced, and our reputation has made its way all over town – including with our former clients, judges, clerks, and even other defense attorneys in the Denver metro community.

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